Hello, and welcome to our site!

I have been a resident of Santa Fe since 1982. During that time, I had an active practice in Periodontics and Pediatrics with Dr. Gregory Psaltis in Olympia, Washington. We worked together until my move back to Santa Fe in 2006.

I am now taking advantage of my accumulated skills to open a practice here in Santa Fe that is specifically intended to provide the highest care for children and young persons in need of any soft tissue care, including grafts, fibrotomies, frenectomies or any other procedure that may be indicated.

My years in Olympia included close work with Orthodontists and General Dentists, all of whom were relieved to have the possibility of referring a child for care in an environment where myself and my team were entirely comfortable and supportive with their young patients. This is exactly what we do here in Santa Fe to be in a similarly supportive role for our local children and young adults.

I look forward to working with you and likewise am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my unique skill set.

Kerry Tramontanas